Tudor residents and Mombasa people garbage disposal behavioural pattern will have to change ..Its high time the residents of Tudor and Mombasa people partner with the Mombasa County GOvernment, department of environment to solve the issue once and for all.The residents of Tudor are throwing garbage just next to Marry CLiff primary school on your way to Kachonjo estate.This is as a result of the youths were forced to stop the house to house collection of waste and disposing them at the dump site which was at the‘mbuyuni’ on your way to little sisters and instead they should take the waste to kibarani or mwakirunge which has led to improper disposal of waste in the area.It has led to usage of drugs by the youths who used to handle the waste and also un-employment due to the reduction of dumpsites in the county which were randomly picked when placing the garbage trucks e.g mbuyuni,kiziwi,tudor day,mbaraki dumpsite etc.Its high time now for the residents through their M.CA work hand in hand with the county department of enviroment to provide the forgotten youths with garbage collecting equipment i.e gloves,masks,wheel barrows,over ralls,handcarts and brooms and asign them duties of collecting the garbage at an afgordable fee for every bag of waste they collect.This will not only be part of cleaning the residential areas but also empowerment to the youths leading to economical progress.In the town centres the ‘chokoras ‘ and beggars should not be kicked out by the municipal council but instead being involved in the waste collection or they should be taken to kibarani or mwakirunge to sort out the waste(re-usable,plastics,re-cyclable and also non-recyclable) reducing onsite garbage sorting which litters the entire county.The couny should provide garbage bins and place them in designated area for waste collection and collect them after two to three days and replace them with empty ones.


In this 21st century generation,being beautiful,cute and sexy matters alot when it comes to relationships.A beautiful one will tell you that ‘am waiting for mr.right to come’ yet she is at her twenty five.The quetion I normally ask my self is ‘when is the mr.right going to come?’,yet the bad girls (who dont even have time to serve God) are being married every saturdays.From my point of view I think the world owes them’good girls’ something huge for keeping themselves for mr.right.The good thing I can say about the bad girls is that,they interact with different men and get to know what a man wants from a girl unlike the good girls who spend most of the time in their homes.As a truth of the matter most men are atracted by beautiful images and sex.Baddy girls understands better what a man is looking for while looking for the right partner compared to the Good girls who have never been into a relationship.The reality here is that will a man go after a girl dressed in a fine sexy dress or one who is dressed like she was in the ‘seventies?’.The irony about good girls is that being dressed in a fine sexy dress they have got no difference with hore’s and that not true because men are drawn by what they see and it has nothing to do with nudity.No matter how exceptional a lady’s character is,it will have to be ‘marketed‘ in a beautiful and properly packaged manner for men to see (beauty first before character).Even God himself was pleased by the beautiful creation he has created,good girls lack packaging senses and think that character only will cover for them as they await for mr.right.They also dont believe their close male friends can be a potential husband,”He is just a friend !”…so who else should be your husband if not your friend turned over to a lover?.Good girls be like,am looking for a man who is of the same standards as IAm,responsible,rich,good looking,knows how to dress and GOd fearing..yet your fathers are vice versa of what you want from a man.My dear GOOD GIRLS dont turn down any man proposal just because he is a smoker,ugly,addicted to alcohol or because he has got none of your requirements since its your responsibility to change that man from who he is to what u want him to be..good day #my opinions monte kimmick


In our village, Tudor village there is a gentleman by the name Ronnie Lennox who lived with his two brothers:Zack Ogutu and James Masudi in the slams.Since Ronnie was the eldest of all,he had to take care of his brothers though he was not employed, he strived in all means to carter for their needs.Zack who had come from up country in search for green pastures had hopes that one day his elder brothers will make it in life. one evening the three brothers were inside the house,Zack was asleep while the two were charting about the progress of their betting,Zack woke up from sleeping and demanded for his lunch break share”where is my lunch?”.Ronnie said that the money which was for lunch had been used to place a bet.Lucky enough he got a message from the betting company ‘sport pesa ‘ for winning sixty two thousands Kenyan money..he quickly left the house and went to his palls place and had fu

n forgetting his younger brothers at home for three good days .whoever came across him was given something to celebrate..He had fan with his allies all day and night drinking beer and chewing ‘khats’ without even sending a shilling to his parents in up-country and after becoming bankrupt he came across his friend and asked him for thirty shillings so that he can buy food for he was hungry..the man denied him money and he had to go back to his brothers place, asked for forgiveness AND SINCE BLOOD is thicker than water the two brothers had to forgive him..its based in a true storyIMG-20180530-WA0012[1]


Six packs enables one to make a living(models) when theyADVANTAGES OF SIXPACKS pose on calendars,news papers or magazines.A good gymnastics with six packs has got less body mass compared to the one without six packs.Six packs also earn someone points during a competition.

If you are interested on have six packs,i would advice you to be patient and do plenty work out to achieve your dream. You should just start with the basic training just to ensure you do not harm yourself, just to sample a few e.g.start with the basics,sit ups crunches,pull ups,bicycle kicks etc.thank you.js